Pertussis Educational Resources

Pertussis resource center for health care providers

These resources are designed to help you educate your patients about tetanus, diphtheria, and acellular pertussis (Tdap), the dangers of pertussis, and the importance of the adult pertussis vaccination. Feel free to share these resources with your patients or use them to reinforce your recommendations.

About the Sounds of Pertussis campaign

Sanofi Pasteur, in collaboration with March of Dimes, initiated the national Sounds of Pertussis educational campaign, a public service effort dedicated to educating new parents and their families about pertussis and the importance of the adult booster vaccine.

Pertussis stories

  • Image: Pertussis Videos-Natalie’s Story

    Natalie’s story

    Natalie Norton lost her son, Gavin, to pertussis when he was 7 weeks old. She's passionate about sharing the message of prevention with other parents.

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  • Image: Pertussis Videos-Michelle’s Story

    Michelle’s story

    Michelle Razore's baby daughter nearly died from pertussis. Michelle is dedicated to spreading the word about the importance of adult vaccination.

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  • Image: Pertussis Videos-Heidi’s Story

    Heidi’s story

    When Heidi Bruch developed a cough late in her pregnancy, doctors thought her childhood asthma was flaring. It turned out to be pertussis, which she unknowingly passed on to her infant daughter.

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Patient education

  • Image: Pertussis Education TV Spot

    The sound of pertussis is a reason to vaccinate

    The Sounds of Pertussis campaign features a mother, her infant, and the actual sound of pertussis to encourage families to get vaccinated.

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  • Image: Talk to Your Doctor. Hear a Doctor’s perspective

    A doctor’s view on pertussis

    Pediatrician Dr. Richard Auerbach shares his views on the rise in pertussis cases, the importance of understanding how it’s spread, and how patients can help protect themselves in order to reduce the spread of pertussis to their babies by getting an adult pertussis vaccination.

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  • Image: Patient Education video explaining why to get vaccinated

    Why get vaccinated?

    Explains how, in most cases where a source can be identified, babies caught it from their own parents or family members. Shows how families can help reduce the spread of pertussis to newborns by getting vaccinated with an adult pertussis vaccination.

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    a Whooping cough sounds reproduced with permission. Dr. Doug Jenkinson, Nottingham, England.
  • Whooping Cough Sound

    Hear what whooping cough typically sounds like.a


Social media

The Sounds of Pertussis Facebook page is a place where patients, health care professionals, and advocates share their stories about pertussis and engage with one of the largest active pertussis communities.

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